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Development Guidelines

How to setup

You can clone the project to your local computer as follows

git clone
git checkout 4.x

After that, you have to execute the following commands to update composer dependencies

composer install -d symfony/lib
composer dump-autoload -o -d symfony/lib

The orangehrm project develops with symfony 1.x framework and followings commands help to build the doctrine model and publish local assets.

php symfony orangehrm:publish-assets
php symfony doctrine:build-model
php symfony cc

How to install via command line

Update installer/config.ini file with your local values. Execute the following command to install via cli.

$ ./installer/

How to execute unit tests

Unit tests can be executed as follows

$ ./symfony/lib/vendor/bin/phpunit

How to change the version number

$ php devTools/general/update-version.php [old version] [new version]