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πŸ’œ C++ client for InfluxDB.
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A header-only C++ query & write client for InfluxDB.

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  • Support versions:
    • InfluxDB v0.9 ~ 1.7
    • Check yourself while using other versions.

Why use influxdb-cpp?

  • Exactly-small:
    • Less than 300 lines and only 10KB+.
  • Easy-to-use:
    • It's designed to be used without extra studies.
  • Easy-to-assemble:
    • Only a tiny header file needs to be included.
  • No-dependencies:
    • Unless STL and std C libraries.


Before using

  • The very simple thing you should do before using is only:

    #include "influxdb.hpp"

Writing example

  • You should refer to the write syntax while writing series(metrics).

    measurement[,tag-key=tag-value...] field-key=field-value[,field2-key=field2-value...] [unix-nano-timestamp]
  • You can rapidly start writing serires by according to the following example.

    influxdb_cpp::server_info si("", 8086, "db", "usr", "pwd");
        .tag("k", "v")
        .tag("x", "y")
        .field("x", 10)
        .field("y", 10.3, 2)
        .field("z", 10.3456)
        .field("b", !!10)
    • Remarks:
      • 3rd parameter precision of field() is optional for floating point value, and default precision is 2.
      • usr and pwd is optional for authorization.
  • The series sent is:

    foo,k=v,x=y x=10i,y=10.30,z=10.35,b=t 1512722735522840439
  • You could change post_http to send_udp for udp request. And only host and port is required for udp.

        .field("x", 10)
        .send_udp("", 8091);
  • Bulk/batch/multiple insert also supports:

        .meas("foo")  // series 1
        .field("x", 10)
        .meas("bar")  // series 2
        .field("y", 10.3)
        .send_udp("", 8091);
  • The series sent are:

    foo x=10i
    bar y=10.30

Query example

  • And you can query series by according to the following example.

    influxdb_cpp::server_info si("", 8086, "db", "usr", "pwd");
    string resp;
    influxdb_cpp::query(resp, "select * from t", si);
  • You can use xpjson to parse the result refer to issue #3.

Remarks for Windows


  • Add more test cases.
  • Supports DSN initializatin for server_info.
  • Do not need to connect every time.


  • Please feel free to use influxdb-cpp.
  • Looking forward to your suggestions.
  • If your project is using influxdb-cpp, you can show your project or company here by creating a issue or let me know.
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