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My configuration files.
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.vim @ 9573da2 updated i3, om/zsh, X11 files
X11/xorg.conf.d updated i3, om/zsh, X11 files
bash Moved bash related rc files to bash/ dir
.Xresources i3 now uses rofi instead of dmenu
.gitconfig updated git log aliases
.gitignore fixed global .gitignore path and added vim .tags file to it
.gitmodules ok, this works.
.hgrc Removed dummy cery from .hgrc
.hushlogin added .hushlogin to fasten up iterm2 startup time.
.i3status.conf added icons to i3bar; updated gaps; docs
.inputrc Renamed lots of rc files to have a dot . prefix
.irssiconfig added .irssiconfig
.jshintrc fixed typo in jshintrc
.oh-my-zsh updated i3, om/zsh, X11 files
.tern-config added .tern-config
.tern-project created a .tern-project ln to .tern-config
.tmux.conf new tmux window now opens in last pwd
.xinitrc switched to i3lock-wrapper
.yaourtrc yaourt now also guprades devel by default and doesn't confirm pkgbuild
.zlogin add .zshenv; zsh arch specific code; zsh file comments
.zshenv removed temporary chrome mouse virtualbox fix, chrome bug is fixed
.zshrc disabled correction suggestions in zshrc updated readme
com.googlecode.iterm2.plist iterm2 color palette change to solarized; .sshconfig mved to sshconfi…
crontab i3 now switched wallpapers every hour
i3config fixed i3bar font to be light again
sshconfig updated sshconfig

These are my configuration files for various common apps.

Have fun and fork at will! :)

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