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Use create-react-app to build react libraries
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Use create-react-app to build react libraries.

This gives you ability to reuse most of CRA setup for building your libraries.


yarn add --dev react-app-rewire-create-react-library

# or use npm if you don't have yarn yet

npm install --save-dev react-app-rewire-create-react-library


In the config-overrides.js you created for react-app-rewired add this code:

const rewireCreateReactLibrary = require('react-app-rewire-create-react-library');

module.exports = function override(config, env) {
  config = rewireCreateReactLibrary(config, env);
  return config;

In package.json, add a separate npm script to build library

  "scripts": {
    "build-library": "react-app-rewired build --library",

And you can now use CRA to build your library 💪


The library name will be read from name property in your package.json. For scoped NPM packages, the scope name will be omited from library name.

The webpack entry file is read from module property in package.json and output file & path are read from main property in package.json. Why? read here

All the dependencies in your package.json will ba added to as commonjs externals to webpack config.

This package will be activated only when a --library flag is detected in npm script. This eliminated the need to maintain separate config-overrides.js for app and library builds.


Setting main file to be outside of build folder would cause CRA to throw error when reporting file sizes. To avoid this, always set "main" to be inside build folder. For example:

# GOOD: uses build directory for output
"main": "build/my-library.js",

# BAD: uses dist directory for output
"main": "dist/my-library.js",

public folder always gets copied over to build even for library builds. This is currently handled and defaulted inside CRA, there is no way to override this at the moment. However, you can use .npmignore to avoid publishing these files to NPM:

# .npmignore



Licensed under the MIT License, Copyright @ 2017 osdevisnot. See for more information.

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