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OpenStreetMap Test Data Repository

OpenStreetMap data can be quite complex and software using the data difficult to test. This git repository contains various pieces of OSM data to be used for testing OSM software. The data is collected at this one location to help all OSM software projects. Each project still has to decide which tests to perform and how.

The Test Grid

The grid directory contains OSM data organized by test category into a "grid". The tests are organized cleanly so that they can be easily used from automated tests. See that directory for more information.

XML Tests

The xml directory contains OSM files to test OSM XML file parsers with.

Other Tests

Other tests that don't fit into the "grid" schema are currently collected in the misc directory. In the future these tests might be organized better. As they are now, they are not really that useful for automated tests.


All files are released into the public domain.


This repository was created and is maintained by Jochen Topf. Please use github issues to report bugs and request changes. Or better, send pull requests.

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