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#All you need to know about this mini project


This project is an independent addition for [].

Google Test is an excellent xUnit style c++ unit testing framework. It is highly recommended. One (minor) drawback of Google Test is it's text based UI, and this project attempts to help.


This project is a standalone .Net 2.0 executable which displays a UI for a Google Test based harness with the following elements:

  • A progress bar which is either green or red, according to test success
  • A list of all failures and their details upon click

The UI saves a history of several runs (configurable), allows command line parameters to be passed to the test program and gives convenient access to the following google test features:

  • filtering tests
  • forcing execution of disabled tests
  • shuffling tests

The project runs on both Windows and Linux (under Mono). Here are some Screen Shots.


  • Download the ZIP
  • Open it somewhere other than "Program Files"

If you insist on "Program Files", then you will need to run this with Administrative rights.

Version History

See Version History


Why isn't this a plug-in for my favorite IDE

I didn't want to bother writing several plug-in's. Actually I didn't even want to write one. I find that a standalone app that I run constantly as I code is very convenient, and I am not limited to VS 2005/2008/2010, Eclipse, etc.

So how do you recommend I use this

  • Fire up your IDE
  • Run the app (called "Guitar" - you can work out the acronym)
  • In app main dialog select your test executable
  • Press "Go" whenever your tests/code compile (TDDers, note the order ;-) )

Note 1: the test executable should (of course) be a google test executable. The application parses google test stdout.

Note 2:The application remembers the last executable run between sessions.

I cant open SLN/Proj files

You are probably on an older VS version. Don't worry - project is dead simple. Just roll up your own and add all files.



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