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High speed data loading utility for PostgreSQL
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pg_bulkload is a high speed data loading tool for PostgreSQL.

pg_bulkload is designed to load huge amount of data to a database. You can load data to table bypassing PostgreSQL shared buffers.

pg_bulkload also has some ETL features; input data validation and data transformation.


  • master : branch for pg_bulkload 3.1 Build Status
  • VERSION3_2_DEV : branch for pg_bulkload 3.2 Build Status

How to use

pg_bulkload works with control file like below,

$ pg_bulkload sample_csv.ctl
	0 Rows skipped.
	8 Rows successfully loaded.
	0 Rows not loaded due to parse errors.
	0 Rows not loaded due to duplicate errors.
	0 Rows replaced with new rows.

See documentation about detail usage.

How to build and install from source code

Change directory into top directory of pg_bulkload sorce codes and run the below commands.

 $ make
 # make install

How to run regression tests

Start PostgreSQL server and run the below command.

 $ make installcheck
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