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Real time interactions in oTree using Django Channels

Auctions and real effort tasks

This code contains four applications to use in oTree [Chen2016].

The demo app based on this code is available at Heroku.

1. minimum: a bare example how to use Django Channels in oTree projects to build a very simple real effort task (subtracting random number from X).

  1. realefforttask: a set of four different real effort tasks:

This app also provides a platform for development one's own tasks using TaskGenerator class from ret_functions module located in realefforttask app folder. To use it, create a child of TaskGenerator class in ret_functions module, and reference it in configuration for your app.

3. auctionone - a gift-exchange game [Fehr1993] where employers hire workers in the open auction, and workers reciprocate their salary in a subsequent real effort task stage.

4. double_auction - a trading platform where buyers and sellers can trade their goods by posting bids (for buyers) and asks (for sellers) [Smith1962].


[Chen2016]Chen, D. L., Schonger, M., & Wickens, C. (2016). oTree—An open-source platform for laboratory, online, and field experiments. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance, 9, 88-97.
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[Fehr1993]Fehr, E., Kirchsteiger, G., & Riedl, A. (1993). Does fairness prevent market clearing? An experimental investigation. The quarterly journal of economics, 108(2), 437-459.
[Smith1962]Smith, V. L. (1962). An experimental study of competitive market behavior. Journal of political economy, 70(2), 111-137.


a repository containing the code for the paper 'Real time interactions in oTree using Django Channels: auctions and real effort tasks'






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