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Simple and rapid framework to build workflows using Celery
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Celery Director

Director is a simple and rapid framework used to manage tasks and build workflows using Celery.

The objective is to make Celery easier to use by providing :

  • a WebUI to track the tasks states,
  • an API and a CLI to manage and execute the workflows,
  • a YAML syntax used to combine tasks into workflows,
  • the ability to periodically launch a whole workflow,
  • and many others.

See how to use Director with the quickstart and guides in the documentation.


Install the latest version of Director with pip (requires Python 3.6 at least):

pip install celery-director


  • director init [path] - Create a new project.
  • director celery [worker|beat|flower] - Start Celery daemons.
  • director webserver - Start the webserver.
  • director workflow [list|show|run] - Manage your project workflows.

Project layout

.env                # The configuration file.
workflows.yml       # The workflows definition.
tasks/      # A file containing some tasks.
    ...             # Other files containing other tasks.



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