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A practical JSON parsing library for Swift. It provides a fully typed and validated API surface for working with JSON, including the ability to base64 items with your JSON.

All of the JSON APIs return back of Optional<T>. This allows for easier use for deep indexing. In addition, there is an Optional<JSValue> wrapper for all indexers and accessors which removes all of the ? jumping that is normally required.

Also, there is a functional API set for the library as well. For an in-depth overview of that, see: Functional JSON.

Initializing a JSON value

let json : JSON = [
    "stat": "ok",
    "blogs": [
        "blog": [
                "id" : 73,
                "name" : "Bloxus test",
                "needspassword" : true,
                "url" : ""
                "id" : 74,
                "name" : "Manila Test",
                "needspassword" : false,
                "url" : ""

Retrieve data from JSON

if let stat = json["stat"].string {
    println("stat = '\(stat)'")
    // prints: stat = 'ok'

Retrieve error information from a missing key lookup

let stat = json["stats"]
if let value = stat.string {
    println("stat = '\(value)'")
else if let error = stat.error {
    println("code: \(error.code), domain: '\(error.domain)', info: '\(error.userInfo[LocalizedDescriptionKey]!)'")
    // prints: code: 6, domain: 'com.kiadstudios.json.error', info: 'There is no value stored with key: 'stats'.'

Iterate over the contents of an array

if let blogs = json["blogs"]["blog"].array {
    for blog in blogs {
        println("blog: \(blog)")

See JSValueTests.Usage.swift for more usage samples.


A basic library for working with JSON in Swift.







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