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Swift Language Server

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Welcome to the Swift Language Server. This is a language server that aims to be a server that can be used by any development tool that whishes to target Swift.

Currently it provides the following interfaces to interact with it:

Future plans

  • Once the LSP is fully implemented, other interfaces will be looked into as well. Already, the JSONRPC mechanism will add overhead in the system that isn't quite necessary, but it does provide an easier interface to use.

Design Breakdown

The system is broken up into parts that are designed to be interchangeable. Each layer of the system is agnostic of the other layers, except for the data contracts that between each layer.

At a high level, the language server responds to commands that are passed into an implementation of a MessageSource class. That data is processed and passed along to a MessageProtocol implementation. From here, the data is parsed and turned into commands that can then be passed on to a LanguageServer instance.


Before publishing a new release, it's important to have a clean CI build, the appropriate version set in VersionInfo, and a matching tag. Only the release bits should be published. Once that is all locked down, simply run make publish. A new release will be pushed up to GitHub.

BE CAREFUL! All release will be immediately available for others to download and use. This project makes use of semantic versioning. As such, some tools may automatically pick up new versions based on PATCH version changes.

Copyright (c) Kiad Studios, LLC. All rights reserved. Licensed under the MIT License. See License in the project root for license information.