OWL API main repository
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restriction on data properties should allow for non qualified
restrictions (same as object property restrictions)



OWL API main repository

The OWL API is a Java API for creating, manipulating and serialising OWL Ontologies.

  • The latest version of the API supports OWL 2.

  • It is available under Open Source licenses (LGPL and Apache).

The following components are included:

  • An API for OWL 2 and an in-memory reference implementation
  • RDF/XML parser and writer
  • OWL/XML parser and writer
  • OWL Functional Syntax parser and writer
  • Turtle parser and writer
  • KRSS parser
  • OBO format parser
  • Reasoner interfaces for working with reasoners such as FaCT++, HermiT, Pellet, Racer, JFact and Chainsaw.