Simple colored git branch status in Bash prompt
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Simple colored git branch status in Bash prompt.

Current version: 5

Requires Git, Bash and terminal with color support. This file should be source'd from ~/.bashrc or similar. It may not be able to inject status before your prompt suffix ($, etc), depending on use of colors and non-standard formatting. In that case, the git status is simply appended. In general it tries to be minimally invasive and robust with existing setups. It should work fine even if PS1 is modified after .bashgit has been loaded or when PS1 is modified with a git status currently present in the prompt.

Minimum required git version is 1.7.2.

Tries to be reasonably efficient by minimizing git calls (forks) and using shell builtins.

Displays color coded name of current branch (or best description if detached HEAD or tag), and optionally number of commits ahead/behind a remote tracking branch. Green for clean, red for uncomitted changes etc., yellow for work tree modifications and/or unknowns. Does branch name truncation to keep prompt from growing too much.



curl -o ~/.bashgit

Append the following to ~/.bashrc:

if [ -f ~/.bashgit ]; then
    . ~/.bashgit

The following git config options are understood by bashgit:

  • bashgit.showremote (boolean) show remote ahead/behind status in prompt or not
  • bashgit.branchlimit (integer) max branch name length in prompt
  • bashgit.untracked (boolean) include untracked files as dirty state, false gives better performance with large repositories.