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Alexa-Alfresco integration
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Alexa-Alfresco integration

This AMP module allows you to easily create a new Alexa's skill integrated with ACS. It uses the official Java SDK made by Amazon.


  • account linking between ACS and Alexa
  • session attributes
  • intent Slots
  • both java and javascript skills

You can also find couple examples of usage - from a basic skill that returns user name to more complex example which use session atributtes, slots and several stages.

Getting Started

Add new skill under Alexa developer console

  1. Go to
  2. Create a new custom skill from scratch.
  3. Select HTTPS as the endpoint type.
  4. Set an endpoint url: https://[your domain]/alfresco/service/api/alexa/endpoint
  5. Under Account Linking set:
    1. Authorization URI: https://[your domain]/share/page/alexa-authentication
    2. Client ID:
    3. Scope: documents, tasks
    4. Domain list:
  6. Create a new intent.

Add new skill under Alfresco

Java skill

  1. Crate new class which extends AlfrescoVoiceSkill.
  2. Implement one of the intents interfaces: AlfrescoVoiceSimpleIntent, AlfrescoVoiceSessionIntent
  3. Configure a bean for the class. For example:
<bean id="alexa.sample.helloUser" class="org.alfresco.alexa.sample.UserNameSkill" parent="alexa.skill">
	<property name="skillName">
		<value>Hello User</value>
	<property name="skillId">
	<property name="helpText">
		<value>Say hello</value>
	<property name="welcomeText">
		<value>Welcome to the Alfresco</value>
	<property name="serviceRegistry">
		<ref bean="ServiceRegistry" />

JavaScript skill

  1. Create a folder.
  2. Add loadIntent.js as a folder script rule.
  3. Add a js file (<intent_id>.js) to the folder. For example:
"test 123";


  • Łukasz Tworek - Initial work, SDK integration, account linking - p0n3
  • Uros Vukasinovic - Invoice service, testing - uvukasinovic

See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details

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