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Stratum mining proxy new generation
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Application providing a proxy between a Stratum mining server and a Stratum mining client.

Stratum specification:

Current version: alpha 0.1

License: GNU Affero General Public License version 3 (see COPYING)

New features

  1. Remove all GetWork related code.
  2. Heavy redesign of the main class code (simple and easier to understand now).
  3. Define a backup pool which is used if there is some problem with the current pool.
  4. Control thread: new interface to control the proxy via TCP socket and JSON (i.e origin pool can be changed without restarting proxy).
  5. Watcher thread: informs about current details of the proxy every 10 seconds
  6. Share notify snippets support added (allows execute custom python code when a share is found)
  7. Support for new set extranonce stratum method (partial)
  8. Some other small features

Installation on Linux using Git

This is advanced option for experienced users, but give you the easiest way for updating the proxy.

  1. git clone git://
  2. cd stratum-mining-proxy
  3. sudo apt-get install python-dev python-zmq
  4. sudo python # This will upgrade setuptools package
  5. sudo python develop # This will install required dependencies (namely Twisted and Stratum libraries), but don't install the package into the system.
  6. You can start the proxy by typing "python2.7" in the terminal window. python2.7 -o -p 3333 -sp 3334 -sh -xp 10001 -cu myUser -cp myPass --sharenotify sharenotify_snippets/ --control-listen -v
  7. Now you can use the scrypt to control the proxy python2.7 setbackup port=3333 user=newUser pass=newPass python2.7 setpool port=3333 user=newUser pass=newPass
  8. If you want to update the proxy, type "git pull" in the package directory.
  9. To install the proxy in your OS type "sudo python install"


This proxy is based on the work done by Slush (slush(at)

New generation version created and currently maintained by p4u (p4u(at)


BTC: 1BaE7aavLF17jj618QKYFc5x6NGxk7uBkC

Thanks ;)

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