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Docket allows users of both Beeminder and Todoist to get a merged view of both by adding synchronised tasks in Todoist for your Beeminder "last day to do this thing" days.

Local Setup

  1. Copy config.yaml.example to config.yaml and fill in the values there as we go through the later steps
  2. Register app at and get the OAuth Client/Secret for config.yaml
  3. Register app at and again get the OAuth values for config.yaml
  4. If you've already got Bower installed, just run bower install. Otherwise, install Node.js and run npm install, which will install and run Bower.
  5. pip install -r requirements.txt (preferably within a Virtualenv because that's just sensible)
  6. ./

You've now got a running version of the app at http://localhost:5000. Running python will synchronise all registered users.

Heroku Setup

There's a running instance of this at but here's how I did that.

  1. Get a Heroku account. Free ones work fine.
  2. Install the Heroku toolbelt
  3. Goto your dashboard and make a new app. Mine was called "docket-heroku" but you'll need to use another name for yours, and replace anywhere I use that.
  4. heroku git:remote --app docket-heroku to make it possible to push to deploy to your new app.
  5. We're using multiple buildpacks, both the Python (backend) and Node.js (assets). Just doing heroku buildpacks:add --index 1 heroku/nodejs should get you configured correctly, but for reference the result of heroku buildpacks should say (and if it doesn't, read the docs)
    1. heroku/nodejs
    2. heroku/python
  6. Add the PostgreSQL addon
  7. Go into the settings for your app and set the following config variables:
    • BEEMINDER_CLIENT_ID/BEEMINDER_CLIENT_SECRET - Beeminder app configured as per above, but with your Heroku URL, not localhost
    • FLASK_ENCRYPTION_KEY - Something secret for Flask to use for cookie encryption
  8. git push heroku master
  9. At this point, goto your Heroku URL and check everything works. You might have an error page the first time you load it due to clashes between multiple workers all trying to configure the DB. Just refresh and it should fix itself.
  10. Add the Scheduler addon and configure the update command (python to run every so often.


A tool for adding tasks to Todoist for your Beeminder todo list





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