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liboco is a simple cooperative multitasking event framework written in C++ as an exercise for the author. It is not meant as a replacement for libpthread, libevent, libev, &c.


Based around ucontext and epoll, it is not currently intended to be portable. In fact, it uses glibc extensions and Linux-specific system calls, so it will probably only compile with that standard library and run on a very modern kernel.

It is also not very safe regarding signals that are not processed via signalfd. In particular, calling core::schedule or core::wait_for_* with any pending signals that were not blocked when core::react was invoked are likely to be handled at that time. Signal masks should not be modified from within tasks.

It comes with the following example programs.

  • rfc862d --- Echo server, bound to any IPv4 address on port 7.
  • rfc862c --- Echo client, connects to on port 7.


  • open_fds --- Lists open FDs. When launched as a child, useful for finding FD leaks in parent process.

While liboco is just a toy, the intention is to continue to add features and hammer out some more interesting use-cases.


A simple cooperative multitasking event framework written in C++.





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