A Pancake API SDK for PHP.
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Pancake PHP SDK

A Pancake API SDK for PHP. You can use it to integrate everything in Pancake from a third-party app.

composer require pancake/sdk

This API SDK is still a work in progress but we're committed to improving it as quickly as possible. To that end, all pull requests or issues raised here will be treated with the utmost urgency and will be resolved and merged in 48 hours.

API Documentation is still very much an ongoing effort, but you can find some details here.

We're working on improving both the API and SDK as much as possible, so if you see have any questions or see anything missing, or that you need help with, feel free to let me know. My Skype's "brunodebarros.com". I know the entire Pancake codebase off by heart and am likely to be able to immediately answer any query you might have. Additionally, I have the ability to make modifications to the core, so if you need anything that's missing, it's easy for us to add it for you.