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DataFrame.sort_index by Level Name Incorrect After Unstack/Swaplevel #20994

WillAyd opened this Issue May 9, 2018 · 0 comments


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WillAyd commented May 9, 2018

This is a very obscure issue but I think it is responsible for things getting out of whack in #20945

In [1]: mi = pd.MultiIndex.from_product([[0], ['d', 'c']], names=['bar', 'baz'])
In [2]: df = pd.DataFrame([[0, 2], [1, 3]], index=mi, columns=['B', 'A'])
In [3]: = 'foo'

In [4]: df
foo      B  A
bar baz      
0   d    0  2
    c    1  3

In [5]: df.unstack().swaplevel(axis=1)
baz  c  d  c  d
foo  B  B  A  A
0    1  0  3  2

In [6]: df.unstack().swaplevel(axis=1).sort_index(axis=1, level=0)
baz  c     d   
foo  A  B  A  B  # Here subsequent levels get sorted
0    3  1  2  0

In [7]: df.unstack().swaplevel(axis=1).sort_index(axis=1, level='baz')
baz  c     d   
foo  B  A  B  A  # Here subsequent levels aren't getting sorted
0    1  3  0  2

If the DataFrame in step 5 above was constructed directly, the sorting would be the same regardless of whether or not you used the level index or label:

In [1]: mi = pd.MultiIndex.from_tuples([('c', 'B'), ('d', 'B'), ('c', 'A'), ('d', 'A')], names=['baz', 'foo'])
In [2]: df = pd.DataFrame([[1, 0, 3, 2]], columns=mi, index=pd.Index([0], name='bar'))
In [3]: df  # Same as step 5 in above example
baz  c  d  c  d
foo  B  B  A  A
0    1  0  3  2

In [4]: df.sort_index(axis=1, level=0)
baz  c     d   
foo  A  B  A  B
0    3  1  2  0

In [5]: df.sort_index(axis=1, level='baz')
baz  c     d   
foo  A  B  A  B  # Sort is the same as item above, regardless of using label or not
0    3  1  2  0

Note that this only happened when doing the unstack and swaplevel together. My original thought was that the latter would be solely responsible, but I could not reproduce the issue using just that alone, so I'm assuming the former is mutating some kind of state of the MultiIndex?


commit: eff1faf
python-bits: 64
OS: Darwin
OS-release: 17.5.0
machine: x86_64
processor: i386
byteorder: little
LC_ALL: None

pandas: 0.23.0rc2+27.geff1faf27
pytest: 3.4.1
pip: 9.0.1
setuptools: 38.5.1
Cython: 0.27.3
numpy: 1.14.1
scipy: 1.0.0
pyarrow: None
xarray: None
IPython: 6.2.1
sphinx: 1.7.0
patsy: None
dateutil: 2.6.1
pytz: 2018.3
blosc: None
bottleneck: None
tables: None
numexpr: 2.6.5
feather: None
matplotlib: 2.1.2
openpyxl: 2.5.0
xlrd: 1.1.0
xlwt: 1.3.0
xlsxwriter: 1.0.2
lxml: 4.1.1
bs4: 4.6.0
html5lib: 1.0.1
sqlalchemy: 1.2.5
pymysql: None
psycopg2: 2.7.4 (dt dec pq3 ext lo64)
jinja2: 2.10
s3fs: None
fastparquet: None
pandas_gbq: None
pandas_datareader: None

@WillAyd WillAyd referenced this issue May 15, 2018


Fix Inconsistent MultiIndex Sorting #21043

2 of 3 tasks complete

@jreback jreback added this to the 0.24.0 milestone May 17, 2018

@jorisvandenbossche jorisvandenbossche modified the milestones: 0.24.0, 0.23.1 Jun 5, 2018

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