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Lua Filters

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A collection of Lua filters for pandoc.

To learn about Lua filters, see the documentation.


This repository is in the process of being retired. Please see the next section for details.

Status of this repository

We no longer accept new filter submissions and will only apply small patches to the existing filters.

The most popular filters have been or will be transferred to the [pandoc-ext] organization. Please raise an issue in the info repository if your favorite filter has not been re-published yet.

List of extensions

A list of extensions is available in the pandoc-ext/info repository. See also the pandoc and pandoc-filter GitHub topics.

New filters

We want the ecosystem to be distributed, but also try to make it easy to discover new software. That's why we ask filter authors to add the pandoc and pandoc-filter to the GitHub repositories, as enables others to explore filters through GitHub's interface.

Additionally, please add a link to your filter to the pandoc-ext/info repository.

Why is this repository being retired?

There are multiple reasons why this repository is discontinued:

  • Maintenance – supporting all filters in this repository became unsustainable. As put by John MacFarlane in issue #207:

    One drawback of the current structure is that people submit code here but then don't monitor the repository, and issues are neglected.

    This put a lot of work on not enough shoulders, with the result that code wasn't properly maintained.

  • Credit and ownership – authors should get proper credit for their work, but putting all filters in one repository makes their contributions less visible. Repositories owned by the original authors makes it obvious who put in all the work and who is responsible.

  • Interoperability – many filters are useful for Quarto users; having one repository per filter makes it possible to support Quarto's extension mechanism, enabling users to install the filters with the quarto install extension command.


Filters are tested against the pandoc version in the latest pandoc/ubuntu Docker image, i.e. usually the latest release. There is no guarantee that filters will work with older versions, but many do.

Some filters depend on external programs, which must be installed separately. Refer to the filters' documentations for detailed requirements.


All filters can be used without special installation, just by passing the respective .lua file path to pandoc via --lua-filter/-L.

User-global installation is possible by placing a filter in within the filters directory of pandoc's user data directory. This allows to use the filters just by using the filename, without having to specify the full file path.

On mac and Linux, the filters can be installed by extracting the archive with

curl -LSs $RELEASE_URL/download/lua-filters.tar.gz | \
    tar --strip-components=1 --one-top-level=$PANDOC_DIR -zvxf -

where $PANDOC_DIR is a user directory as listed in the output of pandoc -v.


PRs for improvements or bug fixes are welcome. However, we do not accept new filters at this time. However, we do encourage submissions of external repositories to be included as a link in the collection.

Please see for information on code contributions.


All filters are published under the MIT license by their respective authors. See LICENSE for details.