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Unofficial baseband update for the CDMA iPhone 4 fixing the GPS timekeeping bug
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What is this?
This is an unofficial update for the CDMA iPhone 4 (iPhone3,3), which installs the new baseband included in the CDMA iPad 2's iOS 9.3.6 update. 
This fixes the GPS bug which caused the CDMA iPhone 4 to stop keeping correct time after November 3, 2019 00:00 UTC.

NOTE: The GSM iPhone 4 and all older devices are not affected by this bug, 

Only for Mac!

How to install the new baseband
1) Creating the patched IPSW

Run ./ <iOS_7.1.2_IPSW> 

2) Restoring the firmware

Connect your iPhone 4 and put it in DFU mode.
Run ./ <Patched_IPSW>
Wait for that to complete.
When your phone reboots, it will have the new baseband.

s0uthwest, libimobiledevice, and @tihmstar for idevicerestore
@axi0mx for ipwndfu
@tihmstar for partialZipBrowser
xerub and iPhone Dev Team for xpwn and firmware bundle
@sequinn and @parrotgeek1 for root_tar
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