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gossl is a go library for interfacing with the venerable openssl library. It currently provides a dropin replacement for: crypto/sha512 crypto/sha256 crypto/sha crypto/aes (the aes 128, 192, and 256 ECB mode ciphers) crypto/tls.{Listener,LoadX509KeyPair}

Also included are a couple example command line utilities for hashing files and strings. They should run as fast as an equivalant c program (sha256sum). All of the openssl context api functions there. A new BIO has been created that allows OpenSSL to treat a go net.Conn the same way it would treat a raw socket connection, pretty neat!


Make sure you have libssl-dev and libssl1.0.0 installed on your system. This is needed to link against openssl. This is a standard go package, so you should be able to just:

go install

hashfile /etc/hosts
hashstring 'something'

go install

testhttpserver -cert $somecert -key $somekey


You might ask, "why create another crypto library?".

  • OpenSSL is a well audited and tested codebase.
  • Performance
  • Access to existing plugins/engines (cryptodev, gmp, af_alg)
  • More options for parsing exotic certificates and keys (including passphrase protected)
  • More ciphers and digests supported
  • OpenSSL provides more hooks (that we don't yet expose) for fine grained control of validation.
  • All TLS/SSL versions supported. (DTLS support coming soon)
  • Works better with buggy clients/servers. (For example ab chokes on crypto/tls based servers)


  • Requires CGO
  • Nowhere as elegant as crypto/tls
  • crypto/tls will probably catch up in terms of features and performance


Expose the complete OpenSSL api as well as making interoperability between crypto/tls and gossl possible. For example, you can use gossl to parse keys and certificates that crypto/tls can't handle yet. Connections are net.Conn's Listeners are net.Listener's, hashes and digests are... well you get the point.


Go bindings to the openssl library






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