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This App shows a sample integration of the Flutter Package
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Official Passbase Flutter Demo App

This App shows an example integration of the Passbase Flutter package integrated into an App. Before your try to run the App please sign up on our developer platform and use your own publishabe API key, which you can find in the API settings section.

Please follow our integration guide in our official developer documentation to install all dependencies first in a correct way.


Ensure that you are using an up to date version for Flutter. You will also need the latest Xcode with Swift 5.1 support and Cocoapods for dependencies. For Android please use Android Studio and ensure that you have Kotlin support.

Install the App & Run

You can follow our integration guide to correctly install the Passbase Package. To run the Demo app please do the folllwing:

  1. Open Terminal in project folder and run flutter packages get
  2. Exchange YOUR_OWN_PUBLISHABLE_API_KEY with your own API key in the file main.dart line 26 in the lib folder.
  3. Build and run the App
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