Make web requests to a Sitecore.Ship-enabled server directly from PowerShell.
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Sitecore.Ship is a great tool for setting up continuous delivery with Sitecore. With it, you can install packages over HTTP, but until now the easiest tool to use for scripting those HTTP requests was cURL. With this PowerShell module, you can eliminate that dependency from your suite of tools.

Remotely installing a package is as simple as ssinstall c:\mypackage.update -FileUpload

The functions in this module support all operations of Sitecore.Ship, and are self-documented so that Get-Help commands provide descriptions, syntax, and examples. Use these functions to build a repeatable deployment script for any environment!


Note: I've only tested this module with PowerShell version 3. Older operating systems may only have PowerShell version 2. How to update PowerShell.

Recommended Method: Install with PsGet (the NuGet of PowerShell modules).

Install-Module SitecoreShipFunctions

There is a Chocolatey package coming soon. To install:

choco install sitecoreshipfunctions

Finally, you can download and install the module manually.

  1. Download the latest release.
  2. Open properties for zip file and click "Unblock" button if you have one.
  3. Unzip
  4. Open a PowerShell console
  5. Run .\Install.ps1 You may need to allow remote scripts by running Set-ExecutionPolicy -RemoteSigned. You may also have to right-click Install.ps1 and Unblock it from the properties window. Alternative: Add line Import-Module $modules\SitecoreShipFunctions\SitecoreShipFunctions.psd1 to your $PROFILE, where $modules\SitecoreShipFunctions is a path to the folder with the contents extracted from downloaded zip.