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Welcome to PatternFly-Ng. This is a library of common Angular components for use with the PatternFly reference implementation. Below is information on how to get started using PatternFly-ng. If you wish to contribute to PatternFly-ng, please go to our Contributions page.

Using PatternFly-ng In Your Application

This example demonstrates using the Angular-cli to get started with PatternFly-ng

  1. Installing angular-cli
    Note: you can skip this part if you already have generated an Angular application using ng-cli and webpack
npm i -g @angular/cli
ng new patternfly-ng-app
cd patternfly-ng-app
ng serve
  1. Install patternfly-ng

      npm install patternfly-ng --save
  2. Add patternfly-ng dependencies

  • install patternfly
  npm install patternfly --save
  1. Add a patternfly-ng component
  • open src/app/app.module.ts and add
import { ToastNotificationModule } from 'patternfly-ng/notification';
// Or
import { ToastNotificationModule } from 'patternfly-ng';

   imports: [ToastNotificationModule, ... ],
  • open angular.json and insert a new entry into the styles array
      "styles": [
  • open src/app/app.component.html and add
  [header]="'test header'"
  [message]="'this is a notification'"
  1. For Angular 8, open angular.json and insert the following into the options array
"options": {
  "preserveSymlinks": true,

Optional Dependencies

  1. To enable table drag and drop, add dragula.min.css from the ng2-dragula package
  • open angular.json and insert a new entry into the styles array
      "styles": [
  1. To enable charts, add patternfly-settings.js from the patternfly package
  • open angular.json and insert a new entry into the scripts array
      "scripts": [

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The code for a set of Angular 6+ components for the PatternFly project. Note that the release/3.x branch supports Angular 4 and 5.







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