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pickleDB is an open source key-value store using Python's json module.
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pickleDB is lightweight, fast, and simple database based on the json module. And it's BSD licensed!

pickleDB is Fun

>>> import pickledb

>>> db = pickledb.load('test.db', False)

>>> db.set('key', 'value')

>>> db.get('key')

>>> db.dump()

Easy to Install

$ pip install pickledb


Latest Release Notes (version: 0.9)

  • rem(key) now returns False instead of raising an exception (0.9dev)
  • Change lrem(name) to lremlist(name) (0.9)
  • Add lremvalue(name, value) (0.9)
  • Add load() option to use sigterm handler or not (0.9)
  • All keys must now be strings (0.8)
  • All names for lists must now be strings (0.8)
  • All names for dicts must now be strings (0.8)
  • The get(key) function now returns False instead of None if there is no key (0.8)
  • Switched to Python's built in json module from simplejson (0.8.1)
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