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Mupen64Plus, Android Edition (AE) is a port of Mupen64Plus to Android. (Not officially supported by the Mupen64Plus team)
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Pull request Compare This branch is 2 commits ahead, 608 commits behind mupen64plus-ae:master.
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.settings Added eclipse configfile for proper android build settings.
.tx res: Fix transifex language mapping for en_GB.
assets assets: Sync mupen64plus.ini with upstream (long overdue).
doc res: Updated translations.
jni glide: Partial update to commit 3e58eb7.
libs libs: Update to ACRA dev build 4d15be3253c4e900abe320737790d78981e21ecf.
res front: Rename emulation profiles and make Glide-Fast the default.
src/paulscode/android/mupen64plusae front: Add Fuhu Nabi 2 to hardware profiler
tools tools: Add script for auto-building
.gitattributes Synchronize .gitattributes with mupen64plus
.gitignore Updated .gitignore some more.
AndroidManifest.xml Added support for android tv launcher Update build: update command-line properties to target api 21
build.xml Simplify branching reqs, preparing for 1.10 update build: update command-line properties to target api 21
gpl-license Updated license documents
lint.xml front: Added folder icons to all file/folder selection dialogs.
proguard-project.txt Simplify branching reqs, preparing for 1.10 update
proguard.cfg frontend: Manually apply git's core.autocrlf=true setting build: Update target API to Lollipop.

Important Notice

The official repository has moved to

Please post issues / bug reports over there. Issues opened here will be immediately closed.

This fork is only here to avoid disrupting collaborators during the switch. It will eventually be deleted.

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