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bin Make hy2py public.
docs Merge branch 'pr/829'
eg the mega typo fix commit
hy Add set literals (closes #827)
scripts Move reformat-changelog into scripts.
tests Add set literals (closes #827)
.coveragerc Adding support for coverage tests at coveralls
.dockerignore Add initial .dockerignore file
.gitignore Provide bin scripts for both Windows and *nix
.mailmap added new mail
.travis.yml travis: run in container infra & remove pypy hacks
CONTRIBUTING.rst Adopt a Code of Conduct
Dockerfile update my email
LICENSE Removing my name from the license.
Makefile travis: run in container infra & remove pypy hacks
NEWS preliminary draft of NEWS for 0.10.2 Fix markup slightly.
requirements-dev.txt Make ci builds faster by splitting requirements
requirements-travis.txt Add a `Botsbuildbots` function
setup.cfg bump astor dependency to 0.5 to support matrix multiplication operator
tox.ini Implement yield-from in Python 2.x as a macro


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XKCD #224

Lisp and Python should love each other. Let's make it happen. Try it.

Hylarious Hacks

OK, so, why?

Well. Python is awesome. So awesome, that we have so many tools to alter the language in a core way, but we never use them.


Well, I wrote Hy to help people realize one thing about Python:

It's really awesome.

Oh, and lisps are neat.

Cuddles the Hacker

(fan art from the one and only doctormo)


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