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Module terraform_aws_alb creates an AWS Application Load Balancer (ALB), and a matching listener.

The module includes a default target group that can be used to put instances into, however lacks health checks. To take full advantage of this module, it's suggested that you use the companion terraform_aws_asg module found here:

This module also depends on the terraform_aws_security_group module found here:

Finally, you may also be interested in the terraform_aws_vpc module found here:

Usage Example:

module "vpc" {
  source                  = ""
  vpc_network_address     = ""
  public_subnet_addresses = ["", ""]
  project_path            = "your/project"

module "alb" {
  source              = ""
  listener_subnet_ids = ["${module.vpc.public_subnet_ids}"]
  project_path        = "your/project"


Name Description Default Required
project_path The path of the project in VCS. `` no
internal_alb If this is set to "true", the ALB will be private, and will not have an elastic IP assigned to it. The default is "false", which gives the ELB an elastic (public) IP. false no
listener_subnet_ids The listener subnet IDs. - yes
listener_port The external port that the ALB will listen to requests on. 80 no
listener_protocol The listener protocol. Can be one of HTTP or HTTPS. HTTP no
restrict_to_networks Restrict access to specified networks, supplied as list. <list> no
listener_certificate_arn The ARN of the server certificate you want to use with the listener. Required for HTTPS listeners. `` no
default_target_group_port The port that the default target group will pass requests to. 80 no
default_target_group_protocol The protocol for the default target group. HTTP no


Name Description
alb_security_group_id The security group ID for the alb.
alb_arn The ARN of the created Application Load Balancer.
alb_arn_suffix The ARN suffix of the created Application Load Balancer.
alb_listener_arn The ARN of the created Application Load Balancer Listener.
alb_dns_name The DNS name of the created Application Load Balancer.
alb_zone_id The route 53 zone ID that can be used to route alias records sets to.

Note that these are not CNAMEs, but a route that allows Route 53 to respond to A record requests with the actual IP addresses of the ALB.


Terraform module to create an AWS Application Load Balancer, with listener





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