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A set of vim syntax files for highlighting the various Html templating languages in Haskell

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Html Template Syntax

A collection of vim syntax files for working in haskell's various html templating languages (hamlet, cassius, lucius, and julius).

Provided is each syntax/$language.vim file for external templates as well as an after/syntax/haskell.vim which will properly highlight quasi-quoted blocks inside a haskell source file.

To use, just copy (or link) the contents of this repo into the correct directories under ~/.vim.

I would also recommend pathogen for automated plugin loading. See my vim repo (or just google around) for an example of this usage.


  • javascript inside a script tag is difficult due to the lack of a </script> region-end

  • highlight in-line html tags added as raw

  • nested blocks in lucius

  • bug in lucius unquoted interpolations


Embedded hamlet in a haskell source file:


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