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Fedora COPR Package Scripts

These scripts help generate patches and SRPMs for use with Fedora's COPR build system. At the moment the scripts require customization for each package/COPR and are only moderately documented; knowledge of git, bash scripting, and the Fedora COPR build system is likely required to make use of these scripts. Future releases of these scripts will improve both on the documentation and the usability of the scripts.


Create a Fedora/COPR account if you don't already have one using the URL below:

Download the COPR tools on your system:

dnf install copr-cli

Create a copr-cli access token and place it in ~/.config/copr:

Clone the GitHub repository into its own directory:

git clone

Create a new directory, link the scripts (the Fedora Rawhide kernel script is used in the example below), and copy the configuration file:

mkdir copr-project
cd copr-project
ln -s ../copr-pkg_scripts/pcopr_patch .
ln -s ../copr-pkg_scripts/pcopr_srpm-kernel_rawhide .
cp ../copr-pkg_scripts/pcopr.config .

Clone the upstream project into the new directory and add any remote repositories that you may need:

cd copr-project
git clone <project URL>

Clone the Fedora package repository:

cd copr-project
fedpkg clone <package>

Edit the pcopr.config file you copied earlier, all of the configuration options are documented in the example file:

cd copr-project
$EDITOR pcopr.config


The usage shown below is for a basic use case that creates a set of patches from the upstream development repository, applies them to the Fedora package, and automatically starts a COPR build with the new package. There are several additional uses available via command line switches to the scripts used below, please consult the scripts, and use the '-h' option, for more information.

Generate the patches to be applied to the Fedora package:

cd copr-project

Generate a patched Fedora SRPM and submit it to COPR for building:

cd copr-project
./pcopr_srpm-kernel_fedora -b

Reporting Issues and Contributing

Issues can be reported via the GitHub issue tracker and patches can be submitted as GitHub pull requests.


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