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Python library to interact with the API.

Supported versions of Python are listed in ci-build.yml.


pip: (requires git installed)

pip install git+

pip: (without git)

pip install


python install


If using pip, then use pip with the --upgrade flag, e.g.

pip install --upgrade git+


Sign up for an account at and then visit the API page to see your API key.

Replace my-api-key below with your API key.

import pdftables_api

c = pdftables_api.Client('my-api-key')
c.xlsx('input.pdf', 'output.xlsx')


To convert to CSV, XML or HTML simply change c.xlsx to be c.csv, c.xml or c.html respectively.

To specify Excel (single sheet) or Excel (multiple sheets) use c.xlsx_single or c.xlsx_multiple.


python -m unittest test.test_pdftables_api

Configuring a timeout

If you are converting a large document (hundreds or thousands of pages), you may want to increase the timeout.

Here is an example of the sort of error that might be encountered:

ReadTimeout: HTTPSConnectionPool(host='', port=443): Read timed out. (read timeout=300)

The below example allows 60 seconds to connect to our server, and 1 hour to convert the document:

import pdftables_api

c = pdftables_api.Client('my-api-key', timeout=(60, 3600))
c.xlsx('input.pdf', 'output.xlsx')