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Repository for unofficial compilations of NFC-Tools and libnfc
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Compile for Windows - 64-BIT (x64)

Tested using windows 10 pro x64, build 1703.

Install latest libusbk release from: (this installs both libusb and libusbk windows components required for running libnfc applications)

install mingw64 toolchain on Windows:

Install latest version of: MSYS2 for 64-bit windows.
even if msys2 version appears old, the packages it installs are very recent:

Open the MSYS shell in mingw-64 mode (64-bit mode)
#update the MSYS system using pacman:  
pacman -Syu  

#close the shell, re-open and run:  
pacman -Su   
#install build tools:  
pacman -S git make mingw-w64-$(uname -m)-gcc mingw-w64-$(uname -m)-binutils mingw-w64-$(uname -m)-cmake mingw-w64-$(uname -m)-zlib mingw-w64-$(uname -m)-make  

download and extract:

todo: (this step shouldn't be needed, as libusb0.dll is already in system32, but the logic is broken in the libusb search that cmake uses in: cmake/modules/FindLIBUSB.cmake, so do this step for now)

Extract contents to the native program files directory: (not the x86 program files!):

C:\Program Files\libusb-win32

Restart msys2 bash - in mingw-64 mode.

#download libnfc source files:  
cd ~  
mkdir libnfc-build-win64  
git clone
# launch windows powershell x64 (non-admin)  
# add some paths for current build session:  
$env:Path += ";c:\msys64\mingw64\bin;c:\msys64\mingw64\x86_64-w64-mingw32\lib;c:\msys64\mingw64\x86_64-w64-mingw32\include"
cd C:\msys64\home\<your username>\libnfc-build-win64  

#then, run "CMD.exe" from within the powershell, (this ensures the PATH set above is available in the build environment)

# configure the build with cmake:
cmake -G "MinGW Makefiles" -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ..\libnfc  
# run cmake again, same parameters, otherwise errors appear:
cmake -G "MinGW Makefiles" -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ..\libnfc  
# build it!

put your "libnfc.conf" into c:\program files (x86)\libnfc\config\libnfc.conf

todo: it is the wrong location currently for a x64 system, but it works and this will be fixed to use c:\programdata\libnfc\config\libnfc.conf at some point.

put compiled DLL file to the real system32 directory: (c:\windows\sysnative\libnfc.dll on syswow64 machines)

copy .\libnfc\libnfc.dll c:\windows\system32\libnfc.dll

Run the executables found in libnfc\utils or libnfc\examples

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