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Linear algebra typeclasses

We want to write linear algebra code in terms of typeclasses, because we'd like to allow it to be used with multiple backends, including

  • Symbolic tensors (Data.Vector, lists)
  • HMatrix (BLAS/ATLAS) matrices
  • Repa arrays
  • Data.Array.Accelerate?

Current status

This works, and the type signature is correctly inferred:

vcos a = vmap cos a

*Numeric.LATC> :t vcos
vcos :: (VBox v f, Floating f, Vector v) => v f -> v f

This works if you disable the monomorphism restriction:

vcos = vmap cos

*Numeric.LATC> :t vcos
vcos :: (VBox v f, Floating f, Vector v) => v f -> v f

This works too, with the monomorphism restriction:

vcos :: (Vec v e, Floating e) => v e -> v e
vcos = vmap cos

The cool part is that vcos can be passed symbolic or numeric values in lists, symbolic or numeric values in Data.Vector vectors, numeric values in HMatrix vectors or numeric values in Repa arrays.

The other cool part is that the minimal interface you must implement to add a new backend is fromList, toList, fromLists, toLists, mm (matrix-matrix multiply) and inner (vector inner product), plus any type class constraints you have for your backend (e.g. Storable). Everything else has a derived default implementation and correctly propagates all the type class constraints. The default implementation relies on lists to implement everything; thus, it is slow, and big speedups can be had by defining a few things, like vfoldr and mfoldrr to speed up all the fold methods.

See the code for examples of how to build and/or add backends. We know it usually sucks to say "see the code," but we think it is simple and well-documented -- and if it's not, please ask!

Further questions

  • How to extend this to general tensors? It seems like a way with associated type synonyms that gives default synonyms as lists of the successively lower-order tensors might subsume the MV class, and implementations can simply replace low-order tensors with custom types (like PV.Vector and PM.Matrix).

  • How to accommodate Repa's rank-in-the-type for arbitrary tensors?

  • How to accommodate staged/monadic computations like in Repa and Accelerate?

  • How to remain open to (in the future) units, static sizes and coordinate systems (and transforming arbitrary-rank tensors between coordinate systems),

  • Nice infix operators for linear algebraic multiplication (the Mul typeclass?) and element-wise multiplications and broadcasting.