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This is the Git repository for ArduinoMonitor, a C# WPF utility for graphing serial input. 

Arduinomonitor screen

Features features...

  • Simultaneously plotting multiple signals, with show/hide functions for individual signals.

  • An easy to navigate plot area, with zoom and pan functionality in an adjustable grid.

  • Export to .csv functionality to create graphs for reports or research papers.

Still To do

  • Add smoothing/derivative/filter functionality to the plotter, so you can more easily see what happens with the signal when you would add one of these functions in your sketch.

  • Generate C code for the above functionality to paste into your sketches.

  • Add a custom graph plotter, so you're able to compare say y=sin(x) with your input signal

  • Make it easier to move around and zoom in and out, more concrete, look at

  • Add 3D functionality, to let the graphs pop off the screen!

  • Windows 8 support? WPF is also the basis for Windows 8 apps, so it should be relatively easy to add touch support, pinch to zoom etc in an app kind-of way.


Want to give it a try? Full download is available on the downloads page. Since downloads from Github will be deprecated soon, you can also download the newest version from Dropbox


C#/WPF plotting tool for creating graphs from serial input data received from Microcontrollers such as the Arduino




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