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Perl 6 language design documents
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Remove contents.pod

It's been very infrequently updated, nothing on links
to it, and while syntactically valid, wasn't a usefully formatted file.
So it's been removed, and I suspect it won't bother anyone.
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@ShimmerFairy ShimmerFairy authored
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S32-setting-library remove loitering space
html index page: correct some details about the document generation
LICENSE Add Artistic License 2.0. Add a README.
S01-overview.pod minor corrections about -e and strictness
S02-bits.pod Start to remove Parcel from S02
S03-operators.pod Start documenting one-arg slurpies
S04-control.pod S04: Fix pre-GLR-ism
S05-regex.pod A bit more more De-Parcel-ification
S06-routines.pod Start documenting one-arg slurpies
S07-lists.pod Add another example that seemed to be missing
S08-capture.pod Purge trailing whitespace in S06 -- S17
S09-data.pod Purge trailing whitespace in S06 -- S17
S10-packages.pod Move AUTHORS sections to end of file
S11-modules.pod minor typo fix
S12-objects.pod Remove :T smiley from specs
S13-overloading.pod Move AUTHORS sections to end of file
S14-roles-and-parametric-types.pod fix minor typos
S15-unicode.pod Remove .graphs fossils
S16-io-OLD.pod Purge trailing whitespace in S16-io-OLD.pod
S16-io.pod Fix typos.
S17-concurrency.pod Speculate about Supply.throttle($elems,$seconds)
S19-commandline.pod Turn @*INC/%*CUSTOM_LIB into @?INC/%?CUSTOM_LIB
S21-calling-foreign-code.pod S21: removing now obsolete mentions of zavolaj
S22-package-format-OLD.pod Move AUTHORS sections to end of file
S22-package-format.pod Tests *will* probably be installed
S24-testing.pod replaced deprecated underscored sub names by dashed ones
S26-documentation.pod Move AUTHORS sections to end of file
S27-perl-culture-draft.pod6 Verb agreement fix
S28-special-names.pod Edited S28 to make C<~$/> the p6 analog of p5's C<$&>
S29-functions.pod Remove ancient string types
S31-pragmatic-modules.pod s/MONKEY_TYPING/MONKEY-TYPING/
S99-glossary.pod fix L</foo|bar> to L<bar|/foo>
pod6-files Remove contents.pod

Perl 6 Design Documents

This repository contains the Perl 6 design documents, also called "Synopses", in Pod (5 and 6) format. A regularly updated HTML version is available.

Historically, these documents have determined the direction of Perl 6. As implementations matured, this role shifted (and still shifts) towards documenting the experience from the implementations.

Instead the test suite is becoming the specification, and the "specs" in the repository name of the design documents tends to mean "speculations" now.

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