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@@ -2353,6 +2353,7 @@ example (exclamation mark): ` 4 != 5 `
marks as a prefix a special block or statement, executed at run
time, [ASAP](appendix-g-glossary.html#ASAP), only ever runs once
+<a id="inline"/>
**inline** *(sub trait)* &mdash;
<a id="Instant-type"/>
@@ -2364,9 +2365,8 @@ a point on the continuous atomic timeline
*[«immutable type»](appendix-b-grouped.html#immutable-types)* &mdash;
Perl integer, objext type to hold whole number like &mdash;1, 2 or
-6000, allows **[Inf](#inf)** / NaN, arbitrary
-precision, use it as method to convert into a **Int** like the Perl
-5 "int"
+6000, allows **[Inf](#inf)** / NaN, arbitrary precision,
+use it as method to convert into a **Int** like the Perl 5 "int"
*[«hash op & method»](tablet-3-variables#hash-methods)* &mdash;
@@ -2381,9 +2381,11 @@ pairs (hash), returning a **[Pair](#pair)**
*[«mutable type»](appendix-b-grouped.html#mutable-types)* &mdash;
Perl filehandle
+<a id="is"/>
**is** &mdash;
-bind a *[traits](appendix-g-glossary.html#trait)* to a variable
+bind a *[trait](appendix-g-glossary.html#trait)* to a variable
+<a id="item"/><a id="item-op"/>
*[«context op»](appendix-b-grouped.html#contextualizers)* &mdash;
forces scalar context, alias to **[$(»](#dollar-op)**
@@ -3486,8 +3488,7 @@ and sets the return value &mdash; see also: **[leave](#leave)**
<a id="returns"/>
*[«routine trait»](appendix-b-grouped.html#)* &mdash;
-describing the
-type of value is produced (returned)
+describing the type of value is produced (returned)
<a id="reverse"/>
@@ -3586,7 +3587,8 @@ marks a *[routine](appendix-g-glossary.html#routine)* as returning an
<a id="rw-parameter-trait"/>
*[«parameter trait»](appendix-b-grouped.html#parameter-traits)* &mdash;
-mutable parameter (rw stands for: read write)
+mutable parameter (rw stands for: read write), can be changed by the
+*[routine](appendix-g-glossary.html#routine)* given to
<a id="rw-modifier"/>
@@ -3739,7 +3741,8 @@ unordered collection of values that allows no duplicates
<a id="set"/>
*[«array op & method»](tablet-3-variables#array-methods)* &mdash;
-creates a Set
+creates a **[Set](#Set-type)** &mdash;
<a id="sigil"/><a id="sigil-category"/>
@@ -3795,9 +3798,9 @@ attempt to sleep (stop the program) for up to
seconds (with sub-second resolution)
<a id="slurp"/>
-**[slurp](tablet-2-basic-syntax.html#files)** &mdash;
-*«path and file handle method»* &mdash; reads an entire file into a string
-without a file handle
+*«path and file handle method»* &mdash;
+reads an entire file into a string without a file handle
<a id="so"/><a id="so-op"/>

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