Documents relating to Perl 6
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Documents relating to Perl 6

This repository is divided into 3 sections.

    * Introductions
    * Tutorials
    * Quick References

Introductions are explanatory but not comprehensive texts that give
enough detail to get someone started in a particular area.

Tutorials are directed, step-by-step expositions of some particular
aspect of Perl 6. They should take the reader from no knowledge to a
solid understanding of the subject matter.

Quick References are compact, terse, bits of information that can be
looked up quickly.

What's the difference between this repository and Userdocs for
Christmas (u4x)?  (See and

The documents in this repository are just documents about Perl 6.  They
aren't necessarily documentation.  While u4x aims to be comprehensive
documentation for Perl 6, the documents here are almost explicitly NOT