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Behnam Esfahbod ✅ edited this page Oct 13, 2017 · 14 revisions

How to Contribute to the Wiki

We use the GitHub built-in Wiki system as the content manager for Wiki pages published on the P-C website. Therefore, editing wiki page on the GitHub website, like this article, will update pages on the website, here.


  1. Because of how the GH Pages template engine works, to have a page title on the website we need to manually add one on top of every page. Just remember to start the page with a # Some Title line, and remember to never use the level-1 heading for the rest of the article.

  2. Use the sidebar in the GH Wiki tab to find existing pages, or use the "New Page" button to create a new one:

  3. Updates to GH Wiki pages won't get published on the website in real-time, but we set up an automation to do so regularly, like every evening. So, remember to not expect to see the changes right away. This also allows collaboration and editing on an article before it gets published.