A bash script for deleting items from Nginx cache
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Bash script for deleting an item or set of items from Nginx cache


This simple script removes an item or set of items from Nginx cache, be it fastcgi or proxy.

It accepts a grep pattern as argument to search for cached items in the given cache directory.

This script uses grep basic regular expressions. Pressuposes the use of GNU grep.

The script requires rw (read-write) access to the cache directory.


  1. Delete foobar.css from the /var/cache/nginx/baz cache.

    nginx-cache-purge "foobar.cs" /var/cache/nginx/baz
  2. Delete all JPEG files from the /var/cache/nginx/img cache.

    nginx-cache-purge "\.jpe*g" /var/cache/nginx/img 


  1. Clone the repo:

    git clone git://github.com/perusio/nginx-cache-purge.git
  2. Place the script in a convenient place.

  3. Done.

See also

There's another script on github for inspecting cache items.