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WP Austin - WordPress Unit Testing

This sample plugin contains a basic meta box for storing a byline, as well as unit tests for testing the entire plugin.

Local Setup (Mac)

  • Check your PHP version in your terminal php --version. Unit tests need PHP 7, in case you need to upgrade.
  • Additional info for the following:
  • Make a new directory and clone the WordPress develop repo: git clone
  • Inside the root of the cloned wordpress-develop directory, copy the wp-tests-config-sample.php file to wp-tests-config.php and modify the DB_NAME, DB_USER, DB_PASSWORD, DB_HOST, and WP_TESTS_DOMAIN, example:
define( 'DB_USER', 'root' );
define( 'DB_PASSWORD', 'password' );
define( 'DB_HOST', '' ); // Match the port number to Docker.
define( 'WP_TESTS_DOMAIN', 'localhost' );
  • Set the environment variable, example: export WP_DEVELOP_DIR="/Users/petenelson/projects/wordpress/wordpress-develop/"
  • Clone this repo locally: git clone
  • For a database, I recommend Docker so you don't interfere with any existing database servers.
  • Switch to the plugin dir and run composer install to install PHPUnit.
  • Switch to the /docker directory and run docker-compose up -d to start the MySQL test database.
  • Switch back to the main plugin dir and run ./vendor/bin/phpunit to run the unit tests.
  • Bonus: run ./vendor/bin/phpunit --coverage-html test-coverage-html to run the unit tests with HTML test coverage in the test-coverage-htmnl directory.

Travis CI

  • Visit and sign in with your GitHub account.
  • Add the repository that's holding your plugin, include a valid .travis.yml file, such as the one from this repo.
  • git push new code with unit tests
  • Profit?

Frequently Used Assertions

I keep these handy for copy/paste.

$this->assertTrue( condition );
$this->assertFalse( condition );
$this->assertEmpty( actual );
$this->assertEquals( expected, actual );
$this->assertContains( needle, haystack );
$this->assertGreaterThan( expected, actual );
$this->assertCount( expectedCount, haystack );


Example repo for PHP unit testing WordPress code



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