This is sample code for using the Captain Hook library
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This code is an example of implementing an objective-c hook on the touchesBegan method of the UIResponder class. This utilises the Captain Hook created by Ryan Petrich


A Makefile is included with the default locations for SDK and tools. I recommend installing the latest version of xCode and associated iOS SDK for it to compile. Also required is the "codesign" tool which i think also comes with xCode, a signing certificate is included in the bundle.

type "make" to compile


Copy the compiled dynamic library using ftp or scp e.g:

desktop $ scp ./touchHook.dylib root@<IP address of phone>:/usr/lib/touchHook.dylib

send the following command using ssh to the device e.g:

desktop $ ssh root@<IP address of phone> 

Register the environmental value:

iDevice# launchctl setenv DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES "/usr/lib/touchHook.dylib"

Run an application and start touching the screen, the status bar at the top should change color or move (may require a few touches for it to work)

I recommend disabling the hook library after use:

iDevice# launchctl setenv DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES ""