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Aborted due to warnings (a wee bit too sensitive... =) #3

Melindrea opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Thanks again for fixing #2, and I just tested it out, with the following output:

Running "csscss:dist" (csscss) task

Warning: Failed due to matches found by CSSCSS. Use --force to continue.

Aborted due to warnings.

Interesting, wonder why CSSCSS is outputting an empty array. What are the options you're passing to CSSCSS? Also, out of curiosity what is the CSS in .tmp/style.css?



csscss: {
        options: {
            verbose: true,
            outputJson: true,
            compass: true,
            failWhenDuplicates: true
        dist: {
            src: ['.tmp/style.css']

CSS: (after I realised how big the file actually is -- 1004 lines).

I'm assuming the reason it outputted an empty array is because there are no duplicates. It's a quite basic stylesheet at the moment, mainly Normalizer followed by Typeplate and a few minor adjustments.


Ah the reason is because your output is JSON, that makes perfect sense. Will get this sorted for you as soon as I can :)

Thanks a bunch!


I like the cleanliness of JSON =)

@peterkeating peterkeating referenced this issue from a commit
@peterkeating fixed bug which failed grunt task when outputting JSON and set to fai…
…l when duplicates are found even though no duplicates were found. (#3).

All sorted, thanks Marie, your feedback is very much appreciated :)

Keep opening issues if you find anything else or can think of anything else that would be useful.

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