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An installation guide and more can be found in the wiki.

About VBIT

Teletext streaming. This takes a set up teletext files and generates a transmission stream on stdout. The transmission stream can be fed into raspi-teletext or any other application that needs a teletext packet stream. This is intended to replace vbit-pi-stream. It handles carousels better and uses ram to buffer pages rather than keeping them on file. It will use a lot more ram but also a lot less file system access and less CPU. It is a console application that can be compiled for Raspberry Pi or Windows.

It generates a T42 teletext stream that can be piped into raspi-teletext to make teletext that TVs can decode. Or into vbit-py to drive a vbit2 teletext inserter. Or into the vbit-iv in-vision renderer.

This program is written in c++11. It was developed on Windows. I used Code::Blocks and added a compiler TDM-GCC-64. The toolchain change is needed to support c++11 and more specifically threads. Please contact me if you are trying to set up a windows development environment.

On Raspberry Pi it uses the default development environment. Just changed CFLAGS to CXXFLAGS and added flag -std=gnu++11

vbit2 probably outputs a lot of garbage on cerr depending on how I left it. You only want cout.

To get only cout run vbit2 like this

./vbit2 2> /dev/null

or on Windows

vbit2.exe 2> NUL