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# pgEdge Distributed Postgres

Our Distributed Postgres runs nicely on bare metal, vm's, & containers, but... perhaps you are asking yourself, "What is pgEdge?"

For free trial versions of production ready software:

To install our latest developers CLI & binaries:

python3 -c "$(curl -fsSL"
Getting Started
CLI Documentation
  • spock - Multi-master Postgres configuration
  • cloud - Securely control your pgEdge Cloud clusters
  • cluster - Create and control a localhost or remote cluster
  • vm - Provision & control virtual machines on multiple clouds
  • ace - The Anti Chaos Engine helps to efficiently prove your remote tables are in sync
  • db - Configure and control Postgres db's
  • um - Update Manager commands
  • service - Service control commands
Useful Notes
  • Interested in our CHANGELOG

  • Install as a non-root user from your $HOME directory

  • configure password-less sudo for easier testing of advanced commands

  • set up password-less ssh to localhost for using cluster localhost-create commands

  • Tested with Python 3.9+

    • Python 3.9 on EL8, EL9, SLE-15, & Amazon Linux 2023
    • Python 3.10 on Ubuntu 22.04
    • Python 3.11 on Ubuntu 23.10 (experimental)
    • Python 3.11 on OSX arm64 (experimental)
    • Python 3.12 on Fedora 39 (experimental)
  • pgEdge Community License

Usage Samples

Sandbox with latest Postgres 16, Spock & Snowflake installed into default postgres db

./pgedge install pg16 --start : install spock : install snowflake

Create db db1 owned by denis installing & configuring pgedge core components (Spock & Snowflake) into pg16

./pgedge setup -U denis -P secret -d db1 --pg 16

Create a cluster cl1 on localhost with two nodes, then install northwind sample app on cl1 cluster

./pgedge cluster localhost-create cl1 2 : cluster app-install cl1 northwind

Authenticate with pgEdge Cloud credentials, then list your clusters

./pgedge cloud login : cloud cluster-list

Create virtual machine (node) n1 on AWS in Northen Virginia and n2 on Equinix Metal in Dallas

./pgedge multicloud node-create aws iad n1 : multicloud node-create eqnx dfw n2

Create a multi-cloud cluster mach1

./pgedge multicloud cluster-create mach1 "aws:iad:n1, eqnx:dfw:n2"


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