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docker_for_testing – Used to build a pgsentinel testing docker image


Dockerfile used to provision a testing docker image, it:

  • downloads the postgresql source code (version of your choice)
  • compiles and installs it
  • downloads the pgsentinel extension
  • compiles and installs it
  • compiles and installs the pg_stat_statements extension


For testing pgsentinel only, 100% stateless


3 arguments can be used:

  • PG_VERSION (default: 10.5)
  • PG_ASH_SAMPLING (default: 1)
  • PG_ASH_MAX_ENTRIES (default: 10000)

Example to build an image:

docker build -t pgsentinel-testing -f Dockerfile-pgsentinel-testing --build-arg PG_VERSION=11beta3 --force-rm=true --no-cache=true .

Once done, example to launch a container:

docker run -d -p 5432:5432 --name pgsentinel pgsentinel-testing


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