Phate Radio is an experimental internet radio about anime, games and pop music.
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Getting Started

  1. Install Bundler and Rails at the command prompt if you haven't yet:

     $ gem install bundle --no-document
     $ gem install rails --no-document
  2. Install the gem dependencies using bundler:

     $ bundle install
  3. Initialize the database if you haven't yet:

     $ bundle exec rake db:create
     $ bundle exec rake db:migrate
     $ bundle exec rake db:seed
  4. Start the web server:

     $ rails server
  5. Using a browser, go to http://localhost:3000 and you'll see the home page.


    $ bundle exec rake db:test:prepare
    $ bundle exec rake test


We use phateio-i18n@Locale to manage our translation files.

Everyone is welcome to help correct, improve, or complete the translations.


Phate Radio is released under the MIT License.