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This code is used for This repository includes fixtures for all of the site's data (apart from user accounts and user-contributed comments) although it's often out of date compared to what's live.

Uses Python 2.7.x and Django 1.9.x.


We're using this Ansible playbook.

Add the site as a new app as per the playbook's instructions. Set up the app's variables, download and import the database, manually copy any existing Django media files to the new server.

The environment variables the site uses:


Development (might be out of date)


* `cd django-pepysdiary`
* Install the Ruby SASS gem (`bundle install --path vendor/bundle`)
* Install Node.js and NPM.
* Install Gulp (`npm install`).
* Watch for changes to SCSS and JS files with `npm run watch`.

More detail:

### SASS and CSS

This uses SASS, generating CSS files from the SCSS in pepysdiary/common/static/sass/. Compass is Ruby. Settings for this are in config.rb.

To ensure SASS (Ruby) is installed, rom the top-level directory of this project, run:

$ bundle install --path vendor/bundle

to install the gem specified in Gemfile (SASS) and install it locally.

To update all the gems to the latest versions:

$ bundle update

### Gulp

We use Gulp to:

* Compile the SCSS files into CSS.
* Minify our custom JavaScript.
* Concatenate a few JavaScript files into one.

You'll need Node.js and Node Package Manager. Once those are installed, then running this from inside the same directory as package.json should install the required Node packages for Gulp:

$ npm install

Then run this to watch for any changes to the SCSS or JS files:

$ npm run watch

Or, for a one-off run:

$ npm run gulp


As mentioned above, we're using Boostrap SASS to generate a custom set of Bootstrap CSS. Comment/uncomment lines in pepysdiary/common/static/sass/_bootstrap_custom.scss to change which parts of Bootstrap's CSS are included in the generated CSS file.

### Bootstrap's JavaScript

We must manually download a custom version of Bootstrap's JavaScript file.

Instead of steps 2 and 3 you can hopefully upload the js/src/vendor/bootstrap_config.json file.

  1. Go to

  2. Toggle off all of the checkboxes.

  3. Under the "jQuery plugins" section check the boxes next to these plugins:

    • Linked to components
      • Alert dismissal
      • Dropdowns
      • Tooltips
      • Popovers
      • Togglable tabs
    • Magic
      • Collapse
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Compile and Download" button.

  5. Copy the two .js files into pepysdiary/common/static/js/libs/, replacing the existing files.

## Wikipedia content

To fetch content for all Encyclopedia Topics which have matching Wikipedia pages, run:

$ ./ fetch_wikipedia --all --verbosity=2

It might take some time. See encyclopedia/management/commands/ for more options.

Other notes

Lots of site-wide stuff is in the pepysdiary/common/ app. Including the CSS, JS and images in pepysdiary/common/static/.

Setting up with Ansible

Using on DigitalOcean.

  1. Follow the DigitalOcean instructions in that README.

  2. Maybe: Follow the "Django database" section, to destro empty database and import from a backup.

  3. Maybe: Upload Media files.