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Mock PHP built-in functions with PHPUnit

This package integrates the function mock library PHP-Mock with PHPUnit.


Use Composer:

composer require --dev php-mock/php-mock-phpunit


PHP-Mock integrates with the trait PHPMock into your PHPUnit test case. This trait extends the framework by the method getFunctionMock(). With this method you can build a mock in the way you are used to build a PHPUnit mock:

namespace foo;

class BuiltinTest extends \PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase

    use \phpmock\phpunit\PHPMock;

    public function testTime()
        $time = $this->getFunctionMock(__NAMESPACE__, "time");

        $this->assertEquals(3, time());

    public function testExec()
        $exec = $this->getFunctionMock(__NAMESPACE__, "exec");
            function ($command, &$output, &$return_var) {
                $this->assertEquals("foo", $command);
                $output = ["failure"];
                $return_var = 1;

        exec("foo", $output, $return_var);
        $this->assertEquals(["failure"], $output);
        $this->assertEquals(1, $return_var);

There's no need to disable the mocked function. The PHPUnit integration does that for you.


This library comes with the same restrictions as the underlying php-mock:

  • Only unqualified function calls in a namespace context can be mocked. E.g. a call for time() in the namespace foo is mockable, a call for \time() is not.

  • The mock has to be defined before the first call to the unqualified function in the tested class. This is documented in Bug #68541. In most cases you can ignore this restriction. But if you happen to run into this issue you can call PHPMock::defineFunctionMock() before that first call (e.g. with @beforeClass). This would define a side effectless namespaced function. Another effective approach is running your test in an isolated process (e.g. with @runInSeparateProcess).

License and authors

This project is free and under the WTFPL. Responsable for this project is Markus Malkusch


If you like this project and feel generous donate a few Bitcoins here: 1335STSwu9hST4vcMRppEPgENMHD2r1REK