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This PR introduces a failing test for bug 63462.

Any access to private/protected properties that were unset triggers __get, __set or __isset twice.

This does not happen with public or non-existing properties though.


Could you please mark the test as XFAIL? Thanks.


@lstrojny heya, what exactly do you mean by XFAIL (sorry, not aware of how the test runner works)


To be more clear, I think that Ocramius:issue/bug-63462 should only be merged into a branch that already contains the fix


@Ocramius XFAIL is a section that allows committing failing tests without failing the build

Expected to fail as bug 12345 is not yet fixed

Will do ASAP then


One last thing: could you squash the commits into one?


Comment on behalf of lstrojny at

Merged. Thanks!

@php-pulls php-pulls closed this Jan 6, 2013
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